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What is a business "system"?

Sometimes people refer to their ERP tool as a business system. But that is not what I mean. A business system, a business operating system, a business management system is the set and structure of requirements, processes, and metrics that you manage to achieve a specific objective and goal.

Your system structure may be designed and planned or developed ad-hoc, relying on the people in the business to manage decisions one-off. One area that you cannot afford to let your system "develop organically" is in support of your organizational goals. Don't let that to chance. This is strategy deployment. (psst, and it's part of your business system)

Building your system of requirements, process improvements, and daily management around your Objectives and Goals helps clarify the Strategies (programs, initiatives, projects, and tactics) you should pursue. Focus on your Goals and alignment on what Strategies to pursue (and what not to pursue) gives clarity on how to get more of the results you want. Following the priority and structure is the work to define the processes, procedures, and policies.

Are you focused on your objectives and goals?

Are you aligned on your strategies and measures?

Your operating system should not be separate from your strategy deployment. Integrate your Goals with your Daily Operations. This requires Focus and Alignment of leadership. That type of systems thinking looks toward improving the company results by managing interfaces and making improvements that benefit the whole. That level of clarity comes from repetitive application and learning of your system for making strategic decisions, improving key processes, and managing daily operations.

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