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Focus and Align

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Welcome to the BGC Blog - "Focus and Align"

Insights, observations, and lessons learned in the world of Continuous Improvement

These articles are a collection of ideas from real-life application, not just theory. Many of these topics, methods and tools are gathered in my book "Improve LESS". My hope is that through this content I can reach mor people to start, re-deploy, or sustain their efforts for Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence.

About Me

I have structured my career to deliver sustainable continuous improvement for organizations and teams. The Management System I employ is refined over 15 years of experience serving industries such as defense, medical device, health & human services, pharmaceuticals, municipal government and sports/athletic training. It will help you to clarify your vision into goals, improve processes through structured problem solving, and develop a system of daily management to keep the engine running.

Utilizing Lean and Six Sigma best-practices I believe in a simple, but effective, approach to process improvement. I strive to openly share my approach and my learnings in pursuit of a personal vision to enable 1000 organizations for sustainable continuous improvement.

How to Engage

I look forward to not only you readership but also your active engagement. Leave comments or send an e-mail if you like ... or disagree with what I share. If you have questions about the content or other topics you would like to explore, send me those as well. I am humbled by your participation and the formation of a community around these ideas, methods, and results.

So, dig in. Learn and share your own experiences of feedback as you Focus and Align your management system to deliver sustainable continuous improvement.

Leave a comment, send me an e-mail, or book and introductory call.

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