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Lack of Focus

wastes your time and loses you customers.

Lack of Alignment

costs you money and burns out your team.

Clarify your Goals, Improve your Processes, Sustain the Results.

The System

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The Process

The Results

We've worked with

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"We're worlds ahead of where we were 2 months ago."

P. Gariepy,

"Bringing Chad into the business to help solve a problem was the best investment we could have made!"

A. Cheatum,
General Manager

"Chad has the unique ability to listen, understand, and adapt his style and teaching ... our strategy and execution is stronger than it’s ever been."

A. Janssen,
Research Director

"It's easier to hand things off when you have a system."

J. Alexander,
Director of Engineering

Chad Bareither

Owner, Principal Consultant


I have structured my career to deliver sustainable continuous improvement for organizations and teams.  The Management System I employ is refined over 15 years of experience serving industries such as defense, medical device, health & human services, pharmaceuticals, municipal government and sports/athletic training. It will help you to clarify your vision into goals, improve processes through structured problem solving, and develop a system of daily management to keep the engine running.  Utilizing Lean and Six Sigma best-practices I believe in a simple, but effective, approach to process improvement.



Focus & Align organizations for sustainable improvement.



Impact regional prosperity with stable businesses.



  • Be Prepared

  • Maintain a Learning Mindset

  • Care about your Clients
    (and their customers)

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