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1. Why

Establish your long-term intent so you can align your team

2. What

Create targets for your long-term vision

3. How

Scope and execute improvements to close gaps in performance

4. Who

Manage the projects and daily performance

5. Sustain

Confirm your key processes to maintain improvements



Helping leaders get their time back ... and Improve Performance



To enable 1000 organizations for sustainable continuous improvement



  • Be Prepared

  • Maintain a Learning Mindset

  • Care about your Clients
    (and their customers)

Chad Bareither

Owner, Principal Consultant

Standing on the edge of a test range in the Arkansas summer, watching quality acceptance for a military munition design iteration, it clicked.  The improvement project had worked.  A process change led to the performance improvement that mattered.  The team was behind it, 100%.  A small grin stretched across my face, the apprehension in air lifted ... that was over 10 years ago.

I have structured my career to deliver that experience again and again for organizations and teams.  Help you to clarify your vision into goals, improve processes through structured problem solving, and develop a system of daily management to keep the engine running.  After over 15 years of experience, serving industries such as defense, medical device, health & human services, pharmaceuticals, municipal government and sports/athletic training, I see the need and the benefits that can be realized.  Utilizing Lean and Six Sigma best-practices I believe in a simple, but effective, approach to process improvement.

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